Toelatingseisen Latin guitar

General requirements
Rhythmic, melodie and harmonie affinity with Latin music

Technical requirements

  • Major and minor scales over 2 octaves
  • Scale related arpeggios over triads and 7th-chords

Genre specific skills

  • Play the chords (and extensions) of a given bossa nova
  • Perform samba and baiäo patterns (pdf included)
  • Sing/clap Brazilian percussion rhythms (samba, partido alto, baiäo)
  • Perform Bolero, Guajira and Son Cubano patterns on guitar/tres
  • Play a tumbao in clave 3-2 and 2-3
  • Recognize and clap the clave in a given tune

Playing together
lf possible, you will play with your own band or use a backing track. The repertoire has to consist of one Afro-Cuban and one Brazilian piece. Some of the genres/rhythms mentioned above have to be presented. You will have to prepare three ensemble pieces of which two will be chosen by the committee.

Play a single-line solo over at least one of the pieces from your repertoire.

Suggestions for repertoire

  • Dindi (T. Jobim)
  • Manha de Carnaval (L. Bonfa)
  • So danco Samba (V. de Moraes, T. Jobim) Dos Gardenias (lslina Carrillo)
  • El Paralftico (Trfo Matamoros)