Music Therapy

Music plays a significant role in daily life, in every society and culture and has the ability to move people. Listening to music or making music can enhance wellbeing by affecting and regulating our mood and emotions and is a powerful tool to use in music therapeutic settings.
In music therapy music is used to accomplish specific clinical and therapeutic results through the application of therapy-based methodology. It addresses key areas such as cognitive functioning, emotional development, socialization, communication, self-esteem, coping skills, stress management and quality of life. Clinical applications range across the entire life span in different areas.

Based in a conservatoire the arts-based programme covers the main areas in contemporary music therapy and methods, clinical training and research. It is designed to accommodate experienced musicians, music teachers and music therapists to expand and deepen their professional practice both in arts in society as in arts in therapy. This is the first programme in the Netherlands that offers music therapy training for musicians or music educators at master’s level.

Our aim is to educate reflective music therapy practitioners with an enquiring attitude, who are trained to combine therapeutic skills and clinical improvisation with research skills and who make use of a music vocabulary that is rooted in solid and diverse musical craftsmanship.

The programme’s central teaching concepts include integration of theory and practice, discovery through practical experience and exploratory learning. The underlying foundation in different theories encourages and enhances critical reflection. Students come from a variety of backgrounds, professionally, culturally and nationally but crucial to enter this post- experienced master programme is a level of highly skilled musicianship and a minimum of 2-years relevant work experience.

The teaching faculty is composed of international professionals with extensive teaching and professional therapeutic experience. They are well versed in the range of knowledge and skills relevant to this discipline, and their experience in conducting applied research enhances the quality of the programme. The programme is taught in English.

The curriculum is developed in close collaboration with the Music Therapy Master Programme of Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge, UK. Consultant Professor is Dr Helen Odell-Miller. Advisor for the auditions is Dr Helen Loth.

Master in Music Therapy together with the Master in Dance Therapy Master form Codarts’ Master of Arts Therapies.