Introduction Music Therapy (Oct 2019)

The Codarts’ Music Therapy Master offers a 3 day introduction course in music therapy which will consist of experiential work and lectures on different approaches to music therapy. This takes place Wednesday October 23 - Friday October 25, 2019.


This introduction is meant for musicians who are interested in expanding their horizon, and is open to anyone with an interest in music therapy and with a willingness to musically engage and explore. The introduction can be taken as continuous professional education (participants can have the introduction course accredited at the ‘Register Vaktherapie’) and is strongly advised for people seriously considering to apply for the Master in Music Therapy at Codarts. It is also open to everyone interested to learn more about music therapy.


The introduction provides professionals with the opportunity to experience music therapy,  explore whether continuing into a Music Therapy master is desirable and whether a Master’s in Music Therapy can enhance one’s own profession. The participant acquires basic knowledge of music therapeutic methods and receives information about the current professional practice. The introduction provides a first impression of the content of the Master in Music Therapy offered at Codarts,  which will start with a new cohort in September 2020. The highly skilled and experienced tutors in this introduction are members of our faculty.

How to register

  • To register for this introduction, you will need to fill out the online registration form.
  • The fee is €200. For Codarts alumni the fee is €180. Lunch is not included. Payment instructions will be sent via e-mail once you have registered via the online application form.
  • The maximum number of participants is 15. Final placement will be determined by the order in which registrations are received and will only be definitive once your payment has been received. Participants will be sent notice of received payment.
  • After participation of the entire three days a certificate of participation will be handed out. Take note, that the certificate is not a qualification to practice, and does not guarantee acceptance into the master.

The programme

  • Classes are from 10.00 – 17.00 hrs, with a lunch break from 13.00 – 14.00 hrs.
  • The Introduction will take place at ‘Kruisplein 26, 3012CC, Rotterdam’, which is a 3 minute walk from Rotterdam Central Station.

Day 1: Introduction to Music Therapy

Tutor: Carola van ‘t Hof (Programme leader Master Music Therapy/ Coordinator Fieldwork & Internship/ Clinical Music Therapist/ Trainer)
Tutor:  Han Kurstjens (Psychologist / Music Therapist / Tutor Music Therapy theory, skills and methods)

There will be an introduction about the Master Music Therapy Programme.
Basic music therapy theory and methods will be discussed and explored.  Contemporary approaches and personal music preferences will be explored, discussed and linked to music therapy practice.

Day 2: Active and Receptive Music Therapy

Tutor: Kees Buurman (Tutor Music Therapy theory, skills and methods)
Tutor: Meertine Laansma (Tutor Music Therapy theory, skills and methods / Clinical Music Therapist)

 First an active music therapy  workshop on interactional play.  Special focus will be on engagement skills and specific techniques in the application of improvisation in music therapy.

Also a workshop about key concepts of  receptive music therapy. Experiential work will focus on music listening experiences  to promote psychological insight, evoke imagery, alter mood, summon memories, assist learning and foster creativity.

Day 3: Improvisation in Music Therapy and Interactional Play

Tutor: Carola van ‘t Hof (Coordinator Programme Master Music Therapy/ Coordinator Fieldwork & Internship/ Clinical Music Therapist/ Trainer)

Further exploration of improvisation in music therapy with a focus upon the relationships between play and creativity and how these arise within music therapy, and our personal and professional identity in relation to the past 2 days and the music therapy profession.

There will be time for discussion and questions concerning the profession/practice and the Master programme.

 Please bring your own instrument every day (if portable)!


The tutors are faculty members of the Codarts’ Music Therapy Master Programme. For details on their biographies, please see our study guide: