International Students

Do you live abroad and consider studying at Codarts? To help you prepare your stay, we advise you to have a look at the document below, containing 10 steps to take for a study at Codarts: procedures before and after arrival in the Netherlands.

In the pdf ’10 steps to take’ you will find the needed information on:

Before coming to the Netherlands
1. immigration procedures;
2. enrolment procedures;
3. place to live;
4. language;

After arrival in the Netherlands
5. residence permit;
6. Dutch bank accounts;
7. medical insurance*
8. registration at the city hall;
9. BSN number (security number);
10. work.

*More detailed information about insurances can be found on this page.

Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct is a joint initiative of the Dutch government and higher educational institutions. The result is an instrument of self-regulation. The Code of Conduct contains agreements which (the umbrella organizations of) the institutions of higher education have developed to regulate their relationship with international students. The regulations are – for example – about the provision of information to international students and the minimum (language) requirements for admission to an institution of higher education. You can find the Code of Conduct and Rules and Regulations here.

According to Dutch immigration law, inclusion of an institution in the Register of the Code of Conduct is a precondition for attracting international students from outside the EU. You can see which institutions have signed the code of conduct in the register on Codarts signed and follows the code of conduct.

For questions or complaints regarding the (application of the) code of conduct, students can contact the international office at, or the national commission of the code of conduct at