Teachers World Music

The members of our faculty are more than teachers. They’ll be your mentors, your collaborators, and your instant list of more than 500 industry contacts. They are experienced and talented professionals in their field—and bring a thorough knowledge of music to the classroom that comes from a rich professional background in the music industry. They also bring an energy that will inspire you to push your talents and thinking beyond what you thought were the limits. You’ll find yourself transferring their influences to your ensemble rehearsals, performances, recording sessions, and gigs.

Manager World Music
Wessel Coppes

Flamenco – Bachelor/Master
Paco Pen᷉a (artistic leader), guitar (major)
Ricardo Mendeville (section leader), guitar (major), flamenco theory
Alexander Preuss, guitar (major), flamenco theory
Carmen Fernandez, flamenco voice
Maria Marin, voice
Harriet IJssel-de Schepper, flamenco dance
Irene Alvarez, flamenco dance
Udo Demandt, cajón

Indian music – Master
Niti Ranjan Biswas, tabla (major), Indian music theory, ensembles
Chiranjib Chakraborty, voice (Khayal) (major)
Henri Tournier, bansuri (major), Indian music theory, ensembles
Jane Harvey, Indian music history, raga analysis
Marianne Svašek, zang (Dhrupad) (major), Indian music theory

Latin – Bachelor/Master
Nils Fischer (section leader), percussion (major)
Abél Marcel Calderón, piano (major), Latin music theory, ensembles
Bart Fermie, percussion (major)
Connie de Jong, voice (major)
Anna Elis de Jong piano (major), Brazilian/Latin music theory, ensembles
Jeroen Vierdag, bass (major)
Kees Gelderblom, Brazilian guitar (major)
Lilian Vieira, Brazilian voice (major)
Luis Rabello (piano technics)
Martin Verdonk, percussion (major)
Maxim Zettel, percussion (major)
Morgana Morena, flute
Nils Fischer, percussion (major)
Pauliina May, Afro-Caribbean voice
Thomas Böttcher, piano (major), Brazilian/Latin music theory, ensembles
Udo Demandt, cajón and percussion setup
Samuel Ruiz, double bass/bass guitar
Liber Torriente, drums & timbales
Panagiotis Andreou, bass
Luis Guerra, piano

Argentinean tango – Master
Gustavo Beytelmann (artistic leader), piano (major), analysis
Leo Vervelde (section leader), bandoneón (major), ensembles, tango music theory
Kay Sleking, guitar (major), ensembles
Luis Rabello (piano technics)
Stephen Meyer, violin, ensembles
Wim Warman, piano (major), ensembles, tango music theory

Turkish, Anatolian/Ottoman music – Bachelor/Master
Kudsi Ergüner (artistic leader), ney (major), ensembles, Ottoman music theory
Alexandros Papadimitrakis, ud, lavta (major)
Alex Simu (clarinet)
Alper Kekec̨, percussion (major), ensembles, Turkish music theory
Michalis Cholevas, ensembles, Turkish music theory
Michalis Kouloumis, violin (major)
Mutlu Kizilgedik, bağlama (major and subsidiary subject), ensembles
Serhat Aydoğan (didactics)
Zeynel Demir, bağlama and voice
Barbaros Bozkir, arrangement techniques (major), history, ensembles

Muziektheory and solfege
Oscar van Dillen
Sam Wamper
Wobbe Kuiper