Tuition fee

In the Netherlands there are two types of student tuition fees: statutory tuition fees and institutional tuition fees.

The amount of the tuition fee for a part-time or fulltime programme depends on a number of things. If you satisfy the condition of nationality (1) and you did not obtain a degree of the same level in the Netherlands yet (2), you are applicable to pay the statutory tuition fee.

You have the nationality of a country, which is part of the European Union (EU), Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Suriname or Switzerland. You also satisfy this condition if you are applicable for Dutch study finance because of your Dutch residence permit according to Section 2.2(1) of the Student Finance Act 2000 (Wet studiefinanciering 2000).

You have not obtained a degree from a Bachelor’s programme (or equivalent) in the Netherlands before you started your Bachelor programme at Codarts. Neither did you have a degree from a Master’s programme (or equivalent) in the Netherlands before you started your Master programme at Codarts. Exemption: you do not have to satisfy this condition if you enrol the first time for the programmes Bachelor of Music in Education, Bachelor of Dance in Education or Master of Education in Arts and your previous degree is not in the field of education of health.

If you do not fulfil both requirements, you pay the institutional tuition fee. Follow the step-by-step plan and find out which tuition fee you have to pay.

Halving statutory tuition fees

In 2018 the Dutch government decided to halve the statutory tuition fees for first-year students. The discount is intended for Bachelor’s students who start their studies in higher education for the first time. The exact details of the new legislation can be found on the website of the national government (information is in Dutch). This page also states which conditions you must meet in order to qualify for a halving of the tuition fee.