Professorship Transdisciplinary Education Innovation

The professorship Transdisciplinary Education Innovation brings together the arts, sciences, and societal stakeholders in order to develop a more socially robust approach towards education.

The research group Transdisciplinary Education Innovation (Prof Liesbeth Noordegraaf) was started in late 2018. It resorts under the programme line Innovation in Education and focuses on new forms of education and research that arise when the arts and the sciences are combined. The Rotterdam Arts & Sciences Lab (RASL) is its platform. RASL is a collaboration between Codarts, Erasmus University College, Erasmus University and the William the Kooning Academie (Hogeschool Rotterdam). With its Double Degree programme, it provides students with the opportunity of obtaining two Bachelor’s degrees (one academic Bachelor’s and one Bachelor’s in music or art academy) within five years.

The research group conducts applied and fundamental research on educational initiatives. These initiatives are characterized by their engagement with real-world issues and the tendency to go beyond traditional disciplinary and institutional boundaries. The knowledge produced within this research group contributes to a more sustainable learning experience, the professional development of teachers, and aims to cultivate the radical imagination in our educational landscape. For more information, you can contact us at


dr. Liesbeth Noordegraaf-Eelens – Professor (
Tamara de Groot – PhD candidate
Wander M. van Baalen – PhD candidate (
Connie de Jongh – Artistic researcher (
Tamara Rumiantsev – PhD candidate (