Vincent Houdijk


Vincent Houdijk is a passionate musician with an energetic and entrepreneurial spirit, who loves touching his audience through his music. He studied classical percussion at the Tilburg Conservatoire (graduated in 2005). He then went on to specialise in (jazz) vibraphone at the Royal Conservatoire of The Hague. He graduated under the renowned Frits Landesbergen and Mike Minieri. He now works with Wouter Hamel, Kyteman, Eric Vloeimans, Mathilde Santing, Bart Wirtz, Sean Jones, Metropole Orchestra, Amik Guerra, to name but a few.

With his band VinnieVibes, Vincent was elected most promising Dutch jazz talent of 2016 (Young VIP). In 2016 the band played at all the large concert halls in the Netherlands.

Vincent is (guest) vibraphone teacher at the Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Tilburg, Zwolle, and Kraków Conservatoires.


– Founder and artistic director of the Percussion Friends Foundation (2005).
– Founding and developing main band VinnieVibes (2007).
– Releasing his debut album in 2013; sold out in six months (1,000 copies).
– Sharing vibraphone methods with students from over 15 countries around the world.


Why do you feel students should come to Codarts?
“The Codarts team, which comprises of experts in their respective fields, presents the students with a variety of styles and instruments.”

What will you teach them?
“I teach vibraphone as a guest teacher. I focus on muting, pedal usage, phrasing, harmonic training, harmonic awareness, and inner hearing, improvisation, et cetera.”

How will you do this?
“In individual lessons and group sessions.”


2016, Most promising Dutch jazz talent (Young VIP) 2012, Finalist Dutch Jazz Competition 1999, Finalist Young Talent Competition, Tilburg Conservatoire