Udo Demandt


Udo_Demandt_Codarts_World_Music_Flamenco_CajónBorn in the middle of Germany in 1969 ( Siegen ). Since I was eight years old I play the drums, my first band consisted of my sister on organ and my brother on accordion.
I attended the local marching bands and I joined little dance orchestras playing Waltzes, Polkas, Schlager, Ragtime & Swing, joined schoolbands playing Beat & Pop,Jazz & Rock.
Around my 20th birthday I fell in love with percussion and started in a Bossa Nova group. I went on to study Percussion and Drums Worldmusic at the Rotterdam Conservatory in 1995.
I did study trips to Brazil, Spain, Greece and Italy.
Now, I regularly play with Magda Mendes, Luzazul, Primos del Norte, Lilian Vieira, Fernando Lameirinhas and Windstreken Ensemble.


Why do you believe students should come to codarts?

At Codarts you will meet an unique mix of teachers and students and guests of almost all nationalities in the world. The school is constantly evolving thanks to initiatives of staff and students

What are you going to teach them?

Besides teaching the basics of Cajón in Flamenco Music and Percussion setups as they are used in World- and Popular music of nowadays, I set goals with every student about his personal style, Percussion setup, alternative finger- / stick- / brushtechniques. I try to find the focus on the students’ personal possibilities, personal career, and personality at all.

How are you going to teach them?

By running through a list of necessary skills and techniques which reflect my last years of teaching and playing; By preparing the songs / pieces of the upcoming exams which the students chose; By brainstorming / discussing the personal taste, passion, goal of the student; By focussing on the technical and musical themes which emerge dur.ing the schoolyear – following the students main interests in terms of style, sound, character.