Ronald Schmitz



Ronald Schmitz graduated as a jazz and classical guitarist, but he has always been active in the field of pop music as well. Aside from performing and teaching, writing and producing music are an important part of his practice. Working as a studio guitarist and mastering every style of playing and sound will never cease to fascinate.

Harmonic playing is a characteristic element of Ronald’s style. The pianistic approach to the guitar has led to two other specialisms: playing the Novax eight-string guitar and the seven-string guitar, which has an extra treble string. Through Ronald, Codarts offers the unique possibility of studying the eight-string guitar. The baritone guitar and synthesizer guitar are two other specialisms.

Based on his teaching experience at Codarts, Ronald has written a guitar book: CAGED, Get Caged To Set Yourself Free.


Why do you believe students should come to Codarts?

“Codarts is attractive to students because it offers the students the freedom to develop in a personal way. The guitar teachers all have their own specialisms, so the student can gather information optimally. The many types of guitarists that have graduated at Codarts are the living proof!”

What are you going to teach them?

“At the centre of my lessons is harmony on the guitar. Knowledge of chords, voicings, chord melody, clusters – our eventual goal is to outdo the pianists… Having jazz, classical music, and pop as a background allows me to approach the guitar technique open-minded: if it sounds good, it is good."

How will you do this?

“The CAGED system is the starting point of the journey that leads to a complete understanding of the guitar. In my lessons, I approach all subjects related to the guitar from multiple perspectives. This way of teaching is anything but static. What I try to accomplish is to have every student leave every lesson with new energy for the guitar.”


Dutch Guitar Championships (Sena Guitar Award)