Micha Hamel (lectureship Performance Practice)


Codarts_Onderzoek_Micha_Hamel_Perfromance_PracticeBeing a composer, poet and music theatre maker Micha Hamel is one of the most versatile artists in the Netherlands. He composed music for the concert hall, dance and theatre and conducted many concerts with ensembles and orchestras, mainly performing contemporary music. Since the composing of his ‘tragic operetta’ Snow White (2008) he composes exclusively interdisciplinary and polystilistic works. Works that require an unconventional line-up, spacing and theatricality. This often includes acting and singing musicians and/or cross-overs with poetry, fine arts or architecture. As a conductor and an artistic leader, Micha invented and performed mainly cross-over concerts and events that were meant to explore the borders of the concert-framework. Momentarily he explores the musical and theatrical use of reality, in cooperation with Studio Apvis (Breda) he creates poetic experiences for Virtual Reality. His intellectual output consists of researching the current state and the future of classical and contemporary music, which will resulted in publication Speelruimte voor klassieke muziek in de 21ste eeuw (published by Codarts, 2016). He published four collections of poetry and is a member of the National Academy of the Arts.


1993-1995 Artistic director at Slagwerk Den Haag
2000–2002 Principal condutor at the North Holland Philharmonic, Haarlem
2000 Main composer at ‘Festival de Branding’, Den Haag
2008-2009 Artistic director at the festival ‘Days of Dutch Contemporary Music’
2012 ‘Composer in focus’ at the Holland Festival
2012-2014 Artistic director at the Magogo Kamerorkest, Tilburg
2016-2018 Guest lecturer University of Utrecht


“Codarts provides the excellent surroundig for curious and ambitious students. Due to the abundance of projects and possibilities for cross over as well as for in-depth research that support the outstanding teachters for the main subject, the student will obtain en train his skills to prepare for excellence.”


  • 1994 Amsterdams Foundation for the Arts; incentive prize for the composition ‘Fructus’
  • 1994 De Koninklijk Conservatorium Student Award,
  • 1994 Benjamin Britten Scholarship to study at the Tanglewood Summer Course, USA.
  • 1998 Elizabeth Everts Prijs. Young talent award.
  • 1999 Kersjes-van de Groenekan scholarship to study abroad.
  • 2005 Lucy B.-van der Hoogt-prijs for poetry debut 'Alle enen opgeteld'
  • 2013 Jan Campert-prijs for his fourth collection of poetry 'Bewegend Doel'