Laetitia van Krieken


Laetitia van Krieken Docent Jazz/Pop Theory and solfège, minor Piano Codarts Rotterdam

Laetitia van Krieken completed her arts, crafts and textile arts at the Mollerinstituut in Tilburg in 1987. She went on to study at the Brabants Conservatorium, where she graduated in Improvised Music, majoring in the piano, in 1992.

Laetitia won international fame playing the keys in the Dutch pop group the Nits for seven years, as well as with the Simon Ho Orchestra (CH) and Solune (F).

The thirteen-piece jazz orchestra Laetitia van Krieken Big Bang, which performed the band leader’s compositions, gained a lot of success playing at various venues for jazz and improvised music in the Netherlands.

Laetitia is musician/composer/arranger for the Hotel Witlox theatre company, a collaboration between actor/writer Herman van de Wijdeven and décor designer Simon Haen. She also played with the theatre companies De Bloeiende Maagden, Stella Den Haag, and De Wetten van Kepler.

Laetitia was also part of the band Duo Jacqueline Hamelink & Laetitia van Krieken. As a composer/arranger, Laetitia was active for Pascal Vermeer Quintet, Tom America, TriDali, Lewinsky Quartet, Ruffsound Quartet, Vlek, Bencha Theater, and Berry, The Musical. Aside from teaching, Laetitia is also a study coach (SLB’er) at Codarts.


The international tours with the Nits and the tour with Laetitia van Krieken Big Bang.


Why do you believe students should come to Codarts?

“Codarts has a great teaching staff, with numerous major players from the Dutch jazz and pop scene, sharing their knowledge and experience with the students. All these teachers inspire and coach the students to develop their unique talents in a personal way and with great enthusiasm.”

What are you going to teach them?

“I will teach them all the useful skills associated with music theory and solfège. To learn to experience music, and to creatively connect intuition and feeling with music.”

How will you do this?

“By listening to a lot of music together: naming, recognizing, playing, and writing down what you hear. And by handing tools needed for expressing creativity. As a study coach, I teach students to get the most from their education, to deal with personal limitations, successes and setbacks they may come across, to work independently, and to take initiative. I help students find their personal goal, and to find the way that leads to reaching that goal.”


Nominated twice for the composition assignment at North Sea Jazz.