Julie Moulin


julie moulin_teacher_flute_codarts

Julie Moulin (France, 1986) started playing the flute at a small music school, where she was taught by Cyril Coutier for almost ten years. She then went on to study at the Clermon-Ferrand Conservatoire under Corinne Sagnol and Hervé Hotier, after which she studied a year in Paris with Vincent Lucas. In 2006, she enrolled into Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique in Lyon, where she studied with Philippe Bernold, Julien Beaudiment, and Gilles Cottin. She graduated with flying colours in June 2010. A few months later, she was hired as second flautist at the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra of Amsterdam.

Julie loves chamber music. She formed Duo Yati with Bruno Bonansea and she is a member of the award-winning wind quintet K. She also performs with pianists Sophie Labandibar and Suzana Bartal on a regular basis, and she is part of a number of chamber music projects she does with colleagues from the orchestra.

Julie is also very interested in education. She has been teaching at Codarts since 2013, and for a number of years, she has been an assistant teacher with the Académie Internationale d’Eté de Nice during the summers.


Being part of such a prestigious orchestra as the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra Amsterdam!


Why do you feel students should choose Codarts?
“Codarts is so much more than a regular conservatoire. It is a real melting pot because of the students and teacher from all over the world. The school is home to a large diversity of disciplines, among which classical music, circus, pop music, dance, and world music. This makes Codarts a unique place. You will be studying in a very rich and stimulating environment.”

What will you teach them?
“As a teacher, I highly value self discipline, perseverance, hard work, and methodology, as well as imagination, creativity, initiative, and autonomy. This is what I try to pass on to my students during my lessons. I want to help them reach a very high musical level and develop a musical personality so they can become complete musicians: not just good flautists, but also mature artists.”

How will you do this?
All students in the flute class at Codarts will receive flute lessons from Juliette Hurel (first flautist with the Rotterdam Philharmonic) and myself, and piccolo lessons from Wim Steinmann (piccolo player with the Rotterdam Philharmonic for 45 years).

Juliette will work on pieces from the flute repertoire with the students; during almost all of the lessons, she is assisted by co-repetiteur Annette Rogers. There are also group lessons for important pieces and solos.

“My lessons mostly focus on the basic principles of flute playing: exercises, scales, and études – essential to developing a solid style of playing. If you recognize this, these lessons are very rewarding! I prepare students who wish to audition for an orchestra; when doing so, I can use my own experience. I also give group lessons on technical aspects and important orchestra fragments. And I value playing with sheet music.

Lastly, every student has the option of following piccolo lessons with Wim. We are very proud offer this to our students; being able to play the piccolo will increase your chances in the professional field of flute playing.”