Josué Amador Valdez



Josué Amador (México, 1978) is a composer, improvising performer and researcher based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. He explores alternative approaches to music composition involving improvisation and the use of the public space.

Either as a composer or as a guitarist, his music has been presented in Europe and America in festivals such as Holland Festival, Gaudeamus Muziekweek and Cracow’s Composers Festival, amongst others.

He has received several grants from the Mexican Funds for Culture and Arts, the Mexican Council for Science and Technology as well as the Netherlands’ Podiumkunsten.

Josué Amador holds a PhD in classical composition from the Academy of Music in Krakow and a Master degree from Codarts Rotterdam.


Why do you believe students should come to Codarts?

Codarts is an art school that integrates dance , circus, jazz, classical music, pop and world music, offering an inspiring environment. Along the school year, several projects are developed to promote the collaboration between the different departments, stimulating the creation of multidisciplinary works. This is also reflected at the composition department, where students from jazz and classical music work together learning from each other. Besides that, Rotterdam is an exciting place with an important and active artistic community integrated by creators from all over the world, which gives to the city a unique atmosphere.

What will you teach them?

I will teach the students various methodes and strategies to approach music creation, mainly through diverse improvisational techniques and the use of alternative notation systems, which they will develop to create their own.

How will you do this?

I conduct the Codarts Composers Ensemble, which works as a laboratory for students to explore experimental approaches for music composition and performance.