Jesus Hernandez


The Cuban guitarist and bass player Jesús Hernández is a seasoned expert for Cuban music, jazz and much more. He studied at the at the ENA (national school of art instructors), and later at the Ignacio Cervantes conservatory in Havana, Cuba.



During his career of 40 years, Jesús played many concerts and performed on festivals in Cuba, the US and Europe. He has been touring and recording in Cuba with Irakere’s Juan Pablo Torres, vocal sextet Agua Viva and countless ‘orquestas de música bailable’ (dance orchestras). As guitarist he accompanied luminaries such as Maria Caridad Valdes (Irakere), Hilda Corria and Pio Leyva. Jesus played for years with Miles Peña in the US, also in other European groups like Conexión Latina the Ivan Saint-Ives ensemble and his own projects.

Besides being active as musician, Jesús loves to pass on his knowledge.
He even wrote two guidebooks: Buena Vista Cuban guitar guidebook and the Latin American guitar guidebook.