Janine Stubbe (Lectureship Performing arts medicine)


Dr. Janine Stubbe is a human movement scientist and works as a professor of Performing Arts Medicine at Codarts Rotterdam. In that capacity, she works on improving the physical and mental health of dancers, musicians, and circus artists. She also works closely with the staff of the Codarts Performing Arts Health Centre to optimize the health of the students of the performing arts. Aside from her professorship at Codarts, Janine also works at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (HvA) as a professor of Sports Medicine, where she works on preventing and treating sports injuries.

Up until 2013, Janine was also senior researcher and coordinator of sports research at The Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research (TNO). In this capacity, she worked on research in the field of sports, exercise, and health. As a result of this, she has gained large amounts of experience with large scale data collection. An example is her work collecting data on injuries in 18 different sports, commisioned by the Dutch ministry of health.


Janine has been awarded a number of research grants, the total sum of which exceeds one million euros. She coordinated large scale ZonMw projects, two RAAK-PUBLIEK projects, and one RAAK-MKB project. These projects resulted in an online tool for monitoring the physical and mental health of performing artists (dancers, circus artists, and musicians) and athletes. The online tool is now being used by Codarts Rotterdam, the Dutch National Ballet, Scapino Ballet, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, ten teams in the highest Dutch football league, and ten physiotherapy practices. As a result, she was nominated for the SIA RAAK award 2015 (award for the best practically oriented research).


“In my daily work, I try to connect knowledge from the field of sports with knowledge from the field of the performing arts. The questions about injury prevention, the effects of training, food, and recovery techniques arise in both worlds. Applying this knowledge to the performing arts and sports is a fantastic challenge.”


  • In 2006, she was awarded the Nederlandse Volksgezondheidsprijs for her PhD thesis.
  • In 2011, she received the International Tennis Federation Sport Science Research Grant for her research on tennis injuries.
  • She was co-author of a paper on the prevention of injuries in football, which won the TulipMed sportgeneeskunde prijs 2013 for best sports medicine paper.