Jaco van den Dool (lectureship Blended Learning)


Jaco van den Dool (1980) studied Music Teaching at Codarts and went on to study Musicology at the University of Amsterdam. He is now a lecturer and PhD candidate at the Erasmus University Rotterdam, where he is finishing up his PhD research aimed at music education. During the course of his PhD project, he has been studying the link between physical communication and musical capabilities. In addition, he is the director of the School of Performing Arts Kathmandu in Nepal. His many wanderings have led him back to Codarts, where he is researching in the ways in which digital teaching aids are able to support artistic education.


After having worked as a music teacher in the Netherlands, Jaco van den Dool decided to move to Nepal in 2007. Teaching the piano at a music school in Kathmandu has helped him put his own (music) culture into perspective. This intercultural experience has enriched his lesson practice and has created the foundation to do research into the processes of learning music. In 2012, Van den Dool opened a music school in Kathmandu (School of Performing Arts). He now likes to put many of his scientific findings in the field of music learning processes into practice in Kathmandu and here at Codarts.


“As a Codarts alumnus, I feel very warmly about this institute. Codarts is always open to change and is at the forefront of cooperating with universities and other universities of applied sciences. I am eager to contribute to the innovation of education with Codarts students and teachers.”


  • Leids Cabaret Festival 2001 finalist