Hayo Boerema


Hayo Boerema was born in Groningen. He studied in The Hague (organ, church music, and improvisation) and in Rotterdam (choir conduction). He specialised further under Jos van der Kooy, Naji Hakim, and Ben van Oosten.

Hayo is titular organist of the Grote of Sint-Laurenskerk in Rotterdam.


“Well, I’d have to think on that… By the way, the low points are much more interesting!”


Why do you believe students should come to Codarts?
“Because there is no better curriculum for organ in the Netherlands than that of Codarts! As an organist, throughout your education, you will be taught by a team of teachers (so not just by one teacher). The opportunities to play together, to give concerts, and to follow extra courses are countless. What more could you want!”

What will you teach them?
“With me, you will learn to make music by improvising (the oldest form of making music). You will also gain insight in the compositions you play, which will greatly expand your ability to interpret. Everything you always wanted to know about harmony, rhythms, melody, form… you will learn it all.”

How will you do this?
“In group and individual lessons, using my own methodology. What this consists of? Stop by.”


1998 First prize Internationaler Orgelimprovisationswettbewerb Anton Heiller, Vienna 1999 Johann Pachelbel Preis en public prize Internationaal Improvisatieconcours, Neurenberg 1999 Grand Prix Troisième Concours Internationaux de la Ville de Paris, Paris 2001 Second prize, St. Albans International Organ Festival 2004 Second prize, Internationaal Orgelconcours Nijmegen 2005 First prize, Internationaal Orgelconcours Kotka