Hans Koolmees


Codarts_Composition_Hans_KoolmeesHans Koolmees was born on October 27, 1959, in Abcoude (The Netherlands).


At the conservatory of Rotterdam, Koolmees studied composition with Klaas de Vries, organ with Jet Dubbeldam, arranging andconducting with Bernard van Beurden, and electronic music with Gilius van Bergeijk.


He works as a composer, as a teacher in composition and instrumentation, and as an organist. Between 2003 and 2008, he was the artistic director of the DoelenEnsemble. In 2009 and 2010 he was artist-in-residence in the Van Doesburghuis in Meudon, near Paris.


Koolmees tries to strike a balance between detachment and sentiment – something he admires in the music of Igor Stravinsky – and leaves room in his work for irony, for the grotesque and the over the top. Regarding the content of his music, he says: ‘Ultimately, the sole subject of music is time – not human misery or some such thing. The passage of time, all human misery lies concealed in it.’


Why do you believe students should come to Codarts?

The composition department of Codarts offers the students an inspiring environment to discover their identity as an artist, based on intuition and development of craftmanship.

What will you teach them?

I will help them develop their own musical language.

How will you do this?

By listening I will try to dicover how they imagine their own music, and offer them skills to let their imagination grow into a musical result.


His composition ‘Cantate’ for large orchestra was awarded the first prize of the composer’s composition organized by The Hague Philharmonic Orchestra on the occasion of its ninetieth anniversary in 1994.