Jarmo Hoogendijk


Jarmo Hoogendijk Docent Jazz Trompet Codarts RotterdamAt the age of 6, Jarmo Hoogendijk (the Netherlands, 1965) heard a Louis Armstrong record and decided to become a jazz trumpet player. In 1983, he was admitted as a student at the Royal Conservatoire of The Hague by Ack van Rooyen. At that point, Jarmo was already a self-supporting musician, but his goal was to be a full-time soloist, just like his teacher and his other idols.

Starting in 1983, Jarmo and fellow-student Ben van den Dungen led the Ben van den Dungen/Jarmo Hoogendijk Quintet, which performed many times, both nationally and internationally. He also joined Nueva Manteca. With this group – led by Jan Laurens Hartong, one of Jarmo’s teachers – he toured Europe, the United States, and Canada. He also played with the Dutch Jazz Orchestra, the Netherlands Concert Jazz Band, The Skymasters, and Rein de Graaff/Dick Vennik Sextet, and with legendary musicians, such as Teddy Edwards, Frank Morgan, Charles McPherson, Woody Shaw, and Freddie Hubbard.

In 1995, the NPS (Dutch television) made a documentary about Jarmo and Ben van den Dungen, Het gegeven Ben en Jarmo.

Quickly after graduating with honours in 1989, Jarmo was asked to teach at the Royal Conservatoire of The Hague and the Rotterdam Conservatoire.

As a result of problems with his facial muscles, Jarmo has ceased performing since the beginning of 2004. In the meanwhile, he has greatly expanded his educational activities.


“During my performing career, I had the honour of playing, touring, and recording with the most divergent, fantastic, and legendary musicians. The many concerts, tours and CDs made with the Ben van den Dungen/Jarmo Hoogendijk Quintet and Nueva Manteca. Teaching and coaching students since 1990 onwards, my great passion.”


Why do you believe students should come to Codarts?

“My advice: research the internet, watch the Dutch television shows DWDD and Vrije Geluiden, look at the rosters of venues and festivals, and see for yourself which conservatoire’s teachers, students, and alumni dominate the scene. Look at the advantages of a medium-sized conservatoire with a slightly stricter admittance policy and more personal attention.”

What will you teach them?

“I will coach you in developing a repertoire, improvisational language, possibilities for musical expression, musical-communicative skills, and obtaining understanding of the history of jazz, so you will have a basis from which to develop on your own. I also like to reflect with you on your career plans.”

How will you do this?

“Watch the documentary Keep on Keepin' on about Clark Terry, this will give you an idea of how I work on repertoire, improvisational language, dynamics, communication, timing, phrasing, and articulation, regardless of the instrument. I would like to challenge you to analyse why some musical and communicative choices work better than others."


1985 NOS/Meervaart Jazzprijs with the Ben van den Dungen/Jarmo Hoogendijk Quintet 1986 Soloist prize Pall Mall Export Swing Award