Ed Verhoeff



Guitarist Ed Verhoeff (1966) is part of the new generation of Dutch jazz guitarists. His name frequently pops up in the media, accompanied by superlatives.

Ed started playing the guitar in various pop and blues bands. While he studied at the conservatoires of Utrecht and The Hague, he fell in love with jazz music. The continuous challenge of music without boundaries never ceased to fascinate, and keeps on growing.

During his career spanning over 20 years, Ed has developed into a guitarist with a unique and expressive sound. His diversity and his intuitive, sometimes powerful playing make him a sought-after musician.

Aside from his solo career (with five CDs to his name) he has a diverse career as a sideman (he can be heard on over 40 CDs). Currently, Ed is very active in the jazz and world music circuit. Furthermore, he is active as a band leader.


Many international jazz festivals all over the world, with Batik, Nueva Manteca, Izaline Calister, Amsterdam Jazz trio and Ed Verhoeff Band, among others. Baseline tour with Hein van de Geijn and John Abercrombie. The CD’s met Izaline Calister and Alex Acuna (Weather Report).


Why do you believe students should come to Codarts?

“Codarts is a very multifaceted school, which offers unprecedented musical possibilities. Aside from this, its teachers are top-notch, all of them being internationally active. And if you say Codarts, you say metropolis Rotterdam!”

What are you going to teach them?

“I want to create a basis for you to shape and develop yourself artistically and professionally.”

How will you do this?

“With a personal and involved approach to the material provided during the programme and large amounts of attention to your personal development in the later years.”