Ed Verhoeff


Guitarist Ed Verhoeff started out playing in various local pop and blues bands. He then studied at the conservatories of Utrecht and The Hague where jazz music really sparked something in him. The continuous challenge of this boundless music has always  fascinated Ed to this day and beyond. Today Ed finds himself in the jazz and world music circuit. Over more than three decades working as both a bandleader and sideman Ed Verhoeff developed a style which ‘De Gitarist’ described as ‘a phenomenal technique, a beautiful sound of his own and harmonic depth. Besides that he is incredibly versatile: he knows how to combine pop, jazz and rock and make it sound like a coherent whole.’

His beautiful sound, melodic ideas, his energetic, sometimes subtle and personal playing make him a noteworthy guitarist and a musician in demand. And it doesn’t matter whether he is playing in a more intimate, acoustic chamber music setting or the more powerful electrical and intense sound you’ll hear in The Ed Verhoeff Band. Ed stands out as both a soloist as an accompanist. Next to jazz Ed has experience in playing a wide range of styles such as Brazilian, Latin and Antillean music.


Ed is currently involved in the John Abercrombie Tribute Ft Adam Nussbaum, The Art of Two, Duo Up Close, Dudok String Quartet, Izaline Calister, Sanna Van, Amsterdam Jazz Trio and Sweet Toko. He played with John Abercrombie, Adam Nussbaum, Ivan Lins, Lincoln Goines, Alex Acuna, Andy Narell, Philip Catherine, Hein van de Geijn, Gerard Presencer, Nueva Manteca, Rick Margitza,  Martin Verdonk, Karim Ziad and the Metropole Orchestra. In the theatre world he toured with Mathilde Santing, Ramses Shaffy, Madeline Bell and Izaline Calister.

Ed released nine albums as a bandleader / co-leader and can be heard on over sixty Cds as a side man.

After many years of teaching at various instutes, Ed decided to teach at one school only. At Codarts he gets the chance to – besides being a teacher – create and develop his own view on playing guitar and jazz-guitar in particular. Besides being a teacher at the conservatory, Ed has given workshops and summer-schools in Holland, Italy, India, Curaçao and Korea.


Why do you believe students should come to Codarts?

“Codarts is a very multifaceted school, which offers unprecedented musical possibilities. Aside from this, its teachers are top-notch, all of them being internationally active. And if you say Codarts, you say metropolis Rotterdam!”

What are you going to teach them?

“I want to create a basis for you to shape and develop yourself artistically and professionally.”

How will you do this?

“With a personal and involved approach to the material provided during the programme and large amounts of attention to your personal development in the later years.”