Bas de Vroome


“Together with Ben van Oosten and Aart Bergwerff, I have been teaching at Codarts since 1994. Together, we make a fantastic team. Later on, improvisation teacher Hayo Boerema was added to this team as well as Arie Hoek and Hanna Rijken.

I have also been head organist of the Old and New Church of Delft since 1994, with a total of five valuable organs for lessons. Aside from this, I teach using historical and modern organs in and around Rotterdam.

As coordinator of the organ section, I feel coaching the student is one of the most attractive aspects. It is important that a student feels good, so we are devoted to personal attention.”


Playing at the funeral services of Prince Claus, Princess Juliana, and Prince Bernhard (in the New Church) and with the wedding service of Prince Friso and Princess Mabel (in the Old Church).


Why do you believe students should come to Codarts?

“The organ education at Codarts is special in the Netherlands because of its unique composition and the way the team of teachers works together: at Codarts, we have four organ teachers, who can provide a complete training for the students because of their diverse specialisations.”

What are you going to teach them and how will you do this?

“We work on a broad repertoire individually, with a bit of extra focus on repertoire from before 1800 in my case. Once a month, we do a group session and visit a special organ that suits the chosen repertoire. During such a day, we eat – and sometimes even work out – together. During the basso continuo on organ and harpsichord lessons, we pay much attention to playing together with other instrumentalists/vocalists. This is also where the contacts are made for the many organ-plus student concerts Codarts organises. During the didactic lessons, we intensively train a vital part of the professional practice: teaching. Source research, among other things, is a part of these lessons.”


1980 Eerste prijs Albert Schweizerconcours Deventer 1984 Tweede prijs Internationaal Orgelconcours Nijmegen 1987 Tweede prijs Internationaal Orgelconcours Saint-Albans 1989 Eerste prijs Internationaal Orgelconcours Roeselare 1994 Eerste prijs Internationaal Beiaardconcours Groningen