Bart de Win


Bart de Win Docent Zang Jazz Codarts Rotterdam

Bart de Win studied jazz piano and vocals at Codarts. He works as a teacher for major subjects at the Utrecht and Rotterdam conservatoires. His musical styles range from jazz to Americana. He played in various jazz and pop bands, with artists such as Izaline Calister, Iain Matthews, Rolf Delfos, Gé Titulaer, Mark Murphy, Maria Markesini, and Frits Landesbergen. Bart was a member of Gerard van Maasakkers’ band for fifteen years. This group of flexible musical minds is also the basis for Bart’s own bands: Bart de Win & The Simple Life, and Tip Jar.

When Bart got interested in roots music, his jazz background turned out to prove very useful in developing a unique style. Bart’s music is often described as a crossover between Americana, blues, gospel, and jazz. From his timing and his warm baritone voice to his sensitive piano and accordion playing, everything pervades an enjoyable originality.



“Musical connections with like-minded spirits from all over the world are a constant source of highlights, both within and outside the context of Codarts.”


Why do you believe students should come to Codarts?

“Codarts is a reflection of the metropolis of Rotterdam. If you open yourself up to the possibilities and inspiration this musical melting pot has to offer, make contact with your environment and are not afraid to get busy, there is no better school to shape your musical development.”

What are you going to teach them?

“Aside from the tools and skills used in traditional and modern jazz singing, I also focus on developing an original voice, style, and sound, both within and outside jazz. How do you present yourself musically, what do you have to say?”

How will you do this?

“The key concept is musical flexibility. We work on repertoire, interpretation, text handling, improvisation, swing, phrasing, and making the groove physical, with vocal ease as the ultimate goal. The student is stimulated to create original repertoire. I pursue the ideal of a complete musician, voice being the main instrument.”