Studying with a disability

Codarts is committed to promoting equal opportunities for all students, including students with a disability.

The term ‘disability’ covers physical and mental disabilities, chronic illnesses, ADHD, dyslexia, etc. If you have a disability this may hinder you during your studies, but it should not be in the way of getting your diploma.

Do you study with a disability? Go see the student counsellor.
The student counsellor will inform you of your possibilities and guide you through the procedures.

Possible arrangements between you and your department will be recorded in a so called agreement individual study arrangements.

Examples of arrangements & facilities:

– Adapting the timetable for exams – Extending the examination time – Having the examination paper in a larger format – Use of laptop for examinations
– Extra guidance by study coach or mental coach

Please note! These are just examples. The assessment of support that may be required is made individually, taking into account your abilities and disabilities in relation to the curriculum of the studies you have chosen.

Are you not able to get your diploma within four years? The student counsellor can also inform you about the procedures concerning study delay because of special circumstances and other practical/financial support. To get special arrangements you will always need an official medical or dyslexia statement (If you suspect that you have dyslexia and it was not diagnosed at an earlier point in your education, you should see a dyslexia specialist. You can ask your GP for a referral.)

Do you want to make an appointment with the student counsellor?
Send an e-mail indicating when you are available for an intake.

Contact information student counsellor:

Boukje Kruit – van Rijn
Department Student Life
T: 010-2171134 // M: 06-83676359

Further information:

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