Social safety

Codarts is committed to providing a safe and positive working and learning environment and considers it of the utmost importance that students and staff with their own ideas and their own talent can work together respectfully at all times. In addition, Codarts finds it important to emphasize that it sets boundaries for behaviour that is not respectful, regardless of the relationship, and that it supervises this. At Codarts, codes of conduct, agreements and complaints procedures have been defined in various regulations and codes.

Code of Conduct

Codarts has a code of conduct that applies to its staff and students. The code of conduct describes how we treat each other at Codarts.

KUO statement about social safety

Together with all other Dutch art universities a statement about social safety is drawn up.

Confidential counsellor

Confidential advisors represent the interests of students and employees who are confronted with undesirable behaviour. Confidential advisors have an independent position and are sworn to secrecy. You can tell them what’s bothering you and consult them about the next step, for example with experiences that have hurt you or are aimed at or result in you no longer feeling safe at school. This may concern unwanted intimacies, bullying, (sexual) harassment, discrimination, aggression, or violence. You decide what is hurtful to you and who has crossed a line. 

Undesirable behavior

Codarts is committed to providing a safe learning and working environment for everyone. Nevertheless, it can happen that a staff member or a student feels they are not treated with sufficient respect within the university. For this reason, Codarts has a Complaints Procedure for Undesirable Behaviour.

Outside Codarts

  • Family doctor or psychologist
  • Centre for Sexual Violence for professional help if you have had an unwanted sexual experience: 0800 – 0188
  • Police if it is a criminal offence. Call 0900-8844, in case of emergency call 112.
  • Veilig thuis (Safe Haven) for help with domestic violence: 0800-2000.