Within the Rotterdam Arts & Sciences Lab (RASL), Willem de Kooning Academy, Erasmus University College, and Erasmus Arts and Culture Studies work together on issues at the interface of the arts practice and science.

RASL’s goals are to promote knowledge exchange and to use art as a source of innovation for the changing artistic professional practice and issues that are relevant in our society. At this point, RASL has launched three concrete programmes. The first programme, Creative Learning, is an environment in which the partners focus on innovation and the development of educational methods. The second programme, Innovative Interdisciplinary Research, aims to promote interdisciplinary research with a specific focus on improving the quality of research aimed at the arts. One example is creating the possibility for more teachers to enrol in a PhD course at the Graduate School for Social Sciences and Humanities at the Erasmus University. The third programme, RASL Double Degree, is a five year programme with an integrated university/arts university curriculum (innovative within the binary system of education), after which a student will receive a bachelor’s degree from one of the two arts universities as well as from the Erasmus University. Chairman of the Codarts board Wilma Franchimon took the initiative for the RASL Double Degree and was mentioned in the top 10 most influential persons in the area of education and research by ScienceGuide as a result.