Admission Procedure

To be able to study at Codarts, you must first audition. On this page you will find everything about the admission procedure.

Update: 10 February 2022 – auditions take place on site.

Step 1: Register via Studielink (click here)

  • Register in Studielink
  • After registration you will receive login details for Osiris Application
  • Complete the registration in Osiris Application, upload a passport photo, upload your motivation (click here) and your musical cv
  • Upload (YouTube) links to your music recordings (see Step 2)

Your motivation, musical cv, and links to music recordings can be adjusted in Osiris Application until 15-02-2022 at the latest at 16.00 hours

Step 2: Music recordings for online portfolio

You need to provide at least 3 (video) recordings in contrasting styles by different composers or your own work can be heard and seen (per performance maximum 4 minutes). Preferably played with a combo / band.

You can upload separate links to these videos in Osiris Application. Links for example to YouTube or Vimeo. We advise to set the link of your videos to ‘hidden’ so your videos are not visible for the public.

If you only have music recordings, please use SoundCloud, Tidal or Spotify.

* Please note that we do not accept CDs or DVDs, nor MP3s.

Step 3: Invitation for audition

Based on your digital portfolio in Osiris Application, the admissions committee decides whether you will be invited for an entrance exam at Codarts. The result of the preselection will be send out by the Administrative Service Center (ASC) per email.

Click here for an overview of the audition dates in March 2022 (week 13).

Step 4: the audition

The content of the audition reflects the requirements that the programme and subsequent professional practice will impose on the students.

During the audition, your aptitude, knowledge, skills and developability will be tested for the course of study you plan to follow. The audition consists of three different parts:

Practical part
At the audition we will test your talent, knowledge, skills and development possibilities for the study programme you intend to follow. For the specific requirements per instrument click here. We prefer that you play with your own band. If you cannot bring your own band you can play with a backing track.

Theoretical part
You will be tested on your theoretical knowledge. For the specific requirements click here.

You are responsible for:

  • Being available on the audition days as mentioned on the website.
  • Your travel to and stay in Rotterdam.
  • A backing track if cannot play with your own band.

Motivation interview
During the online interview (via Zoom, the following aspects will be discussed:

  • General motivation.
  • The image/idea you have at Codarts.
  • How you think about disciplinarity, interdisciplinarity and transdisciplinarity.

Please note: during this interview your level of verbal English will be assessed.

Step 5: result of the audition

The management of the programme will determine together with the admissions committee whether you can be admitted. Codarts has a limited number of study places available, so it may take some time before you you will receive an email saying whether you have been admitted or not.

Any further questions regarding the audition procedure? Please email

Any further questions regarding the bachelor programme itself? Please email