Organ department Codarts

Everything the organist of the future needs, he or she will find today at the organ department of Codarts Rotterdam.

The tradition of organ study at Codarts Rotterdam (the former Rotterdam Conservatoire) has been extraordinary since 1930. Among the main subject teachers of the past are Arie J. Keyzer, Bernard Winsemius and Ben van Oosten. The current main subject team consists of Aart Bergwerff, Zuzana Ferjencikova, Christian Schmitt and Bas de Vroome.

Codarts’ organ alumni are holding a large number of important church positions – not only because they are excellent players, but also thanks to the fact that Codarts is one of the two conservatoires in the Netherlands where you can obtain a professional certificate of the church.

Codarts prepares its organ students for multifaceted careers as teachers and concert performers through numerous opportunities and offerings, such as classes and lessons in ensemble playing, improvisation, organ maintenance, arranging for organ, church music, project weeks with interesting excursions and preparation for competition as well.

On a regular base masterclasses by world-renowned organists are offered. Codarts’ organ students have regular access to a broad range of historic instruments by such builders as Bätz, Cavaillé-Coll, Müller, Schnitger or Walcker, in addition to the biggest organ of the Netherlands in the Laurenskerk made by Marcussen, harpsichords by Crijnen, Moermans and Klinkhamer. A broad array of instruments is available for weekly lessons, performances, and regular practice.

And the organ curriculum allows you to take minors in, for example, choir conducting, harpsichord or world music and jazz.

So, are you ready for the future?

All information about our admission procedure, our admission requirements, your application, the audition date, the tuition fee et cetera, you will find on these pages:
Bachelor Classical Music and Master of Music.

The teaching team of the organ department (2021)

• Aart Bergwerff (main subject organ, organ maintenance, arranging for organ)
Zuzana Ferjencikova (main subject organ)
Christian Schmitt (main subject organ)
Bas de Vroome (main subject organ, basso continuo, didactics)
• Ben van Oosten (honorary lecturer)
Hayo Boerema (improvising)
Arie Hoek (church music: cantorate, hymnology)
Hanna Rijken (church music: liturgy)
• Connie de Jongh (voice)
• Marcel Zijlstra (Gregorian chant)
Erik Zwiep (department coordinator)

Historic organs we use for teaching our organ students

• Amsterdam, Duyschot-Vater, 1686/1727, more info

• Amsterdam, Cavaillé-Coll 1881, more info

• Den Haag, Bätz 1761/1921, more info

• Doesburg, Walcker, 1916, more info

• Haarlem, Müller 1738, more info

• Groningen, Schnitger 1692, more info

• Leiden, Willis 1892, more info

Other instruments for teaching and practicing in and around Rotterdam

• Rotterdam, Marcussen, more info

• Rotterdam, Van den Heuvel, more info

• Katwijk aan Zee, Van den Heuvel, more info

• Schiedam, Van den Heuvel, more info

• Rotterdam, Van Leeuwen, more info

• Rotterdam, Flentrop, more info

• Rotterdam, Van Vulpen, more info

Our alumni are active in the Netherlands and abroad. See and hear two of them play here.

Francesca Ajossa (born in Italy (Sardinia); graduated in 2020, Master of Music, cum laude)

Adriaan Hoek (born in the Netherlands; graduated in 2016, Master of Music, summa cum laude)