Please note: The educational programme at Codarts Music Theatre is entirely in Dutch. Proficiency in the Dutch language is therefore a prerequisite for admission to the bachelor Music – specialisation Music Theatre.

In Codarts’ bachelor Music Theatre the meeting of theatre and music takes central stage. Here at Codarts we train autonomous vocal performers: performing and creating professionals who know how to make music, singing, acting, and motion work together. Starting from the main subject Integration, via separate vocational-musical and theatrical song interpretation, the goal is to reach full integration in the fourth study year. Additional subjects, such as elocution, text analysis, the history of music, musical, and theatre, ensemble play and art are taught in context. The curriculum also includes subjects such as health, education, and entrepreneurship. With brazen curiosity the study programme focuses on a national and international work field: from music theatre, youth music theatre, contemporary opera, cabaret, and performances to small and big musicals. Codarts Muziektheater is very well connected with the network of this work field. We train vocal performers who are able to tell stories that not only fit their own talents but also resonate with the society of which they are a part. Assisted by our teachers, students start exploring in order to become fully versed in acting, singing, moving, music, and theatre. Finally, at the end of the study programme, they will have learnt to integrate all these disciplines and apply them within the various styles.

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The study programme has a two-phase structure. The first two years form the basis for broadening your talent. You will already choose certain specialisation trajectories in the course of the second year, in consultation with your teachers. In the final two years of the study you will deepen your talent and the lessons will be geared towards each student’s individuality whenever possible. In the first two years, classes will be primarily taught by a permanent team of teachers, whereas in the second phase the work field is introduced via classes taught by guest teachers and guest directors. In order to develop the skills, artisticity, and uniqueness of each student, Codarts has developed the Integration Learning Track, which distinguishes us from other study programmes in the Netherlands. It ensures that our alumni can present themselves to the work field in a very individual manner. We teach our students to learn, explore, and perform the various styles within each discipline.

Personal development

You are coached by a team of permanent teachers from the various disciplines, to make sure that you will start connecting the separate subjects of the first two years. They monitor your development, question your choices, give you insight into your specific talents, and challenge you to explore new territories by introducing you to a wide variety of styles and repertoire. In the second phase of the study programme students will adopt an increasingly outward-oriented attitude. We are going to look at what your talents as a vocal performer are in order to design an appropriate trajectory that will allow you to take the step into the work field. To this end we invite directors, makers, musical leaders, actors, and vocal performers from the work field to supervise projects and give audition trainings, masterclasses, and workshops. In the fourth year you will do an internship with one of the contacts in Codart’s wide network, in line with your talents and what you wish to express as a vocal performer. You will learn to take charge of your own development already at an early stage. In the subjects Art in Context and Professional Development you learn how to ask specific questions. This will help you to develop a professional and critical outlook, which will benefit you in the lessons and also in the projects you will do later. In addition, starting with the second year, there are classes in Cultural Entrepreneurship, so you will learn to be not only an independent performer, but also a good entrepreneur. At Codarts there is the option of working together with other departments within the institute. All departments strongly encourage their students to engage in collaboration. Various collaborative projects have been developed, such as the Incubator Week, in which students of all departments work and do research together.


When you are on stage telling a story, whether you do so by singing, dancing, or acting, you are vulnerable. Making theatre requires an inquisitive attitude and not being afraid to make mistakes. At Music Theatre we feel it is very important that you can do so in a safe environment. This is why you learn how to give and receive feedback in a safe – constructive – manner. This also contributes to a professional learning attitude, a good atmosphere in class, and trust among the students. All students are assigned a study coach for the entire duration of the study. This coach monitors your progress and is your contact for any questions or doubts you may have. Study coaches are confidential advisers and therefore will never pass on information about you without your consent. Because being a professional performer can be very demanding both mentally and physically, Codarts has a so-called ‘Health Team’. This team consists of professional speech therapists, physiotherapists, mental coaches, and dieticians. In addition to informational classes they teach in the study programme these professionals are also available when you need help or support in any of these areas. As the team is well aware of what mental and physical demands are placed on you, they can provide effective, tailor-made help.

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Please note: The educational programme at Codarts Music Theatre is entirely in Dutch. Proficiency in the Dutch language is therefore a prerequisite for admission to the bachelor Music – specialisation Music Theatre.

To be admitted at the Bachelor of Music (Music Theatre) at Codarts a specific entrance audition must be passed. Each area of study has its own admission procedure with accompanying selection criteria and supplementary requirements.

To enroll at Codarts you should be in possession of a havo diploma, mbo bve-level 4 or a (foreign) certificate of equivalent value, in which the subject packet or the profile is of secondary importance. In special cases the above diploma demands can be set aside. The student-to-be then has the possibility to take a capacity test, to check if there is sufficient general development to be able to follow the study. The fees for this test are charged to the student-to-be.

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Practical info

Please note: The educational programme at Codarts Music Theatre is entirely in Dutch. Proficiency in the Dutch language is therefore a prerequisite for admission to the bachelor Music – specialisation Music Theatre. Under more information we give you all the important information you might need to know for your study at Codarts. Information on the tuition fee, useful websites that can help with finding suitable accommodation, how to study at Codarts with a disability, and we give tips for applying for a scholarship. We will help you to find your way at Codarts.

Halving statutory tuition fees

In 2018 the Dutch government decided to halve the statutory tuition fees for first-year students. The discount is intended for Bachelor’s students who start their studies in higher education for the first time. The exact details of the new legislation can be found on the website of the national government (information is in Dutch). This page also states which conditions you must meet in order to qualify for a halving of the tuition fee.

Codarts_Rotterdam_Student_Life_Maximise_Your_Talent_MT Codarts_Rotterdam_Student_Life_Maximise_Your_Talent_MT Codarts_Rotterdam_Student_Life_Maximise_Your_Talent_MT

Student life

Student Life is a high quality student support programme, that enables you to realise your full potential and have a successful and joyful study career. Student Life provides information, training, guidance and care. We help to enhance your performance and contribute to your personal development, injury prevention and general well-being. You can contact us for housing assistance, insurance guidance, medical screenings as well as nutritional and psychological counselling. The Student Life Team consists of:

  • The Performing Arts Health Center team (PAHC),
  • Various study coaches
  • A student counsellor

The International Office is also part of Student Life We work in close collaboration with colleagues who are familiar with the high demands of the professional group. Think of scientists, teachers and the artistic staff. As we are committed to support the individual learning needs of all students, we recognise the diversity of disciplines within performing arts and within different cultural backgrounds. Our Student Life program is built on four interconnected pillars: 1. Physical screening 2. Education 3. Services & facilities 4. Research & development Do you have questions or do you want more information? Feel free to contact us by mailing to


+31 10 217 11 20

Kruisplein 26

3012 CC Rotterdam