Teachers Music in Education

Our teachers will be more than just your teacher. They will be your coach and mentor during your study. Our teachers have won their spurs in professional practice and bring their knowledge to the classroom. They will inspire and stimulate you to fully deploy and use your talents. You will find yourself transferring their influences to your projects and performances.

Leo Molendijk (manager Music in Education, ensemble playing, history of pop music)

Eelco de Boer (drums, percussion lab)
Mark Bogert (guitar lab)
Saul de Caluwé (methodology-subject didactics, piano lab, internship)
Oscar van Dillen (music theory)
Marco Dirne (bass guitar)

Gertrude van Everdingen (methodology-subject didactics, internship)
Peter Favier (music theory, piano lab)
Tim Frieke (piano lab)
Michel Hogenes (pedagogy)

Joan ten Hoonte (pedagogy)
Jos Kamps (bass guitar)
Herman Kofflard (methodology-subject didactics, internship)
Niels Kuijers (conducting technique)
Martin Lekkerkerk (piano, piano lab)
Wanda Meeuws (drama)
Paul Pos (pedagogy)

Carmen van der Roest (regular guest teacher) (methodology-subject didactics)
Jeroen Schipper (methodology-subject didactics-internship coordinator)
Ben van der Sluijs (cultural/art education)
Jirre Stoutjesdijk (guitar lab)
Judith Tacken (voice, vocal ensemble)
Winanda van Vliet (voice, voice lab)

Marijke van Velzen (entrepreneurship)
Marlou Vriens (voice lab)
Roeland Vrolijk (methodology-subject didactics-internship coordinator)
Marcel Zijlstra (music history)
Frits Evelein (regular guest teacher) (methodology-subject didactics)
Erik Ball (guitar)

Walter Bertram (piano)
Nancy Braithwaite (clarinet)
Andras Czifra (violin)

Saskia Kingma (harp)
Jan de Ligt (saxophone)
Irja Zeper (piano)
Ad van Zon (trumpet)
Arienne Zwijnenburg (movementpracticum)