To be eligible for admission to the music therapy master programme, you must fulfill the following requirements. Please note: in addition to your application through Studielink, you need to send your CV and motivation letter to Deadline: 15 April 2020.

  • Have a diploma from (preferably) a relevant university programme (bachelor’s); for example, a bachelor’s in music or music education, a bachelor’s in music therapy or a bachelor’s in the areas of social services, health care or psychology. If the diploma is not directly relevant, the CV and motivation letter need to show relevance.
  • Have relevant work experience, either professionally, or as a volunteer, in the area of music and/or social services (two years minimum after having acquired a bachelor degree). You can provide a. description of the content and breadth of this work experience in your CV (that should contain detailed information about your education, your musical experience and your work experience)
  • Have a high standard of flexible musicianship demonstrated on one instrument, preferably on a second instrument, keyboard or accompanying instrument skills
    • Have performance skills, artistic consciousness, musical communication skills and knowledge of a broad music vocabulary, in different musical styles and genres and knowledge of their cultural contexts
    • Have improvisation skills on one instrument, with voice and show ability in accompanying
    • Be able to improvise, in different musical styles and genres
    • Be able to renew and develop skills as practicing, interpreting and reading music
    • Have knowledge and understanding of relevant repertoire and musical materials.
  • Have basic knowledge of psychology/psychotherapy, and preferably some experience in personal therapy.
  • Knowledge of music theory on bachelor level. A test could be part of the audition procedure if you do not meet this level.
  • Sufficient mastery of the English language. An additional admission requirement for foreign students is that they should have sufficient mastery of the English language. Codarts upholds the norm of the minimum of 5.5 at IELTS level (‘Academic Training’) or a comparable norm. The audition committee will establish the candidate’s level of verbal and written English proficiency during the whole audition procedure. The candidate can also produce documents that show the adequate level of English.