Audition Procedure

The first selection already takes place after your application on Studielink and as soon as we have received your letter of motivation and CV.
If your cv shows a lack of (relevant) working experience (less than two years after having acquired a bachelor degree) we will let you know we do not invite you to audition.

So, in order to be invited to audition, and in addition to your application through Studielink, send your CV and motivation letter (and upload a recent passport photo) to  straight away.

The audition procedure:

  1. Group improvisation (music therapy audition)
  2. Intake interview:
    1. Motivation letter
    2. Individual audition on instrumental skills

The motivation letter should explain:

  • how you have come to wish to become a music therapist;
  • how this connects with your background in music and other experience;
  • what your hopes and expectations for the future are;
  • anything else you consider relevant for the application.

This motivation letter should not exceed 500 words (approximately one A4 page) and must be written in English. (level of English proficiency is part of the audition procedure)

The group improvisation (music therapy audition) consists of a 1,5 -hour group improvisation and an additional 45 minutes individual audition and intake interview. In the interview you will be asked to play:
1. a short piece of your choice on each of your instruments.
2. two contrasting short pieces, if playing one instrument
3. If voice is not your first instrument, please prepare a short song of your choice.

Candidates are not only evaluated on their technical skills but specifically on their ability to develop an improvisation task and on the capability for musical improvisation skills in interaction, communication and relational aspects such as connecting and adjusting.

For the intake interview you also need to prepare: A story of your life; we request that you write approximately a thousand  words (two A4 pages) describing the way you consider your life has gone till now( for instance major events, important people or influences, choices you made etc., so really personal).  Please send this to a week before your audition date at the latest! We will treat this with the utmost confidentiality and after the audition this document will be removed from the computers.

The intake interview allows us to discuss some personal issues that may have been raised in your motivational letter, music therapy audition or life story which could be of influence in following the programme. In order to avoid disappointments, we also want to hear from candidates what their expectations are and how they see music therapy as their profession. Discussing music therapy literature can be part of this interview as well.

Also during the interview attention is paid to your ability to reflect on your personal and professional qualities.  Depending on the number of applicants we will try to conduct this individual audition and  interview on the same day as the group audition, but we may need to use the following (or another) day as well.

Please know that the Dutch government does not grant study permits to non EU citizens, (EU for this rule includes Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Suriname or Switzerland) because of the part-time status of the programme. If a person from for instance the USA, China, South America etc. is already here because for instance work or partnership, and a residency permit was given on that basis, study will be possible.

Additional information
Codarts Rotterdam only admits a limited number of students. Students who have passed the final selection are admissible. If after the selection process there are more suitable candidates than places available, the head of the study programma has to make a new definitive selection. Candidates who make it through this last selection can be placed and will receive an enrolment package. Other suitable candidates who cannot be admitted will be placed on a waiting list. Candidates who are admitted are requested to let Codarts know within one month whether they will definitely take part in the programme. If a candidate fails to respond on time, Codarts can offer his/her place to a student who is on the waiting list.