Requirements Master Choreography

Candidates that will be considered for this masters should meet the following criteria:


  • an academic background that is equivalent to an arts college or university degree, at least 5 years professional experience and evidence of creative output
  • or a dance/circus education from an internationally recognized academy, at least 5 years professional experience and evidence of creative output at a professional level
  • n.b. in some cases dance education and choreographic experience may be judged using different criteria in order to allow for a broad spectrum of students. Equivalency will be determined by the institutions of Codarts and Fontys once the applicant has been short listed. If you are not sure about you whether you might be eligible for the course advice can be requested from the course team.
  • International students must be able to pass an English language proficiency test.
  • the student has an ongoing relationship with an institution or person in the working field that can provide them with studio resources (outside of the intensives), feedback and if possible the opportunity to present their final production in a discipline appropriate public forum.
  • n.b. this is something that the course team can help you to find if you do not already have an idea who or where this could be

What you need to include with your submission:

  • a curriculum vitae with information about education and professional experience
  • documentation of your creative experience (a portfolio) with a least 2 video recordings in a readable format
  • critical responses to your work if available (reviews)
  • a motivation letter which includes:
    • personal background and motivation
    • professional background and motivation
    • a prototype research question with
      • a description of the background of the question
      • possible research trajectories
      • the potential for your research question in terms of productive or generative outcomes for your working field
      • a discussion of what co-creation means for you in your current practice
      • a description of what you expect from the course and what you could bring to it