Lessons by a music student

Would you like to follow instrumental or voice lessons with a third year student of Codarts Rotterdam?

Third year students of Codarts Rotterdam will give Internship Lessons as a mandatory part of their studies. For a total fee of 100 euros it will be possible to follow 15 lessons. To follow these lessons, we have drawn up a few rules:

  • for the total fee of 100 euros you will follow 15 lessons of 30 minutes
  • classification of lessons takes place on the basis of enrollment and availability
  • for certain instruments there will be a waiting list
  • the lessons will take place within the buildings of Codarts Rotterdam
  • due to the availability of rooms and to ensure the continuity of the lessons, they are offered weekly in a block on a fixed day and time (after 18 o’clock during weekdays)
  • the lessons will start from November 2018

If you are placed for the lessons, you will owe Codarts Rotterdam the full course fee and will have to follow the total number of lessons.

At this momen we are fully booked for all instruments.