Teachers Jazz

The members of our faculty are more than teachers. They’ll be your mentors, your collaborators, and your instant list of more than 500 industry contacts. They are experienced and talented professionals in their field—and bring a thorough knowledge of music to the classroom that comes from a rich professional background in the music industry. They also bring an energy that will inspire you to push your talents and thinking beyond what you thought were the limits. You’ll find yourself transferring their influences to your ensemble rehearsals, performances, recording sessions, and gigs.

Manager Jazz
Linda Bloemhard

Meriç Artaç  (representative department composition)
Hans Koolmees
Robin de Raaff
Friso van Wijck
René Uijlenhoet (Electronic composition)
Paul van Brugge (Jazz composition)
Josue Amador (Improvisation ensemble and home recording)


Jarmo Hoogendijk
Wim Both
Jan van Duikeren (guest teacher)


Ilja Reijngoud
Bert Boeren
 (guest teacher)
Brandt Attema
Mark Boonstra
Andy Hunter (guest teacher)

Tineke Postma
Ben van den Dungen
Nils van Haften (guest teacher)

Francien van Tuinen
Bart de Win
Harjo Pasveer

Ed Verhoeff
Ronald Schmitz
Nelson Veras (gastdocent)

Johan Clement
Luis Fabiano Rabello
Loran Witteveen (gastdocent)
Sebastiaan van Bavel (gastdocent)
Tony Roe (gastdocent)
Marc van Roon

Hammond organ
Carlo de Wijs

Bass guitar
Jeroen Vierdag
Alessandro Fongaro (guest teacher)

Double bass
Marius Beets
Stefan Lievestro


Hans van Oosterhout
Joost Patocka
Mark Schilders

Alex Simu

Theory and solfège
Frans van Geest
Laetitia van Krieken
Stefan Lievestro
Rik van den Bergh
Wobbe Kuiper
Bernard van Rossum
Marc van Roon

Rhythmic training
Bob Langenberg

Music history
Hans Mantel

Hermine Deurloo
Jarmo Hoogendijk