The audition consists of two parts: a practical part and a theoretical part. The Jazz department holds a pre-audition selection before the actual audition takes place.

Pre-audition selection

The Jazz department of Codarts holds a pre-audition selection. We ask you to create a webpage that contains both audio and video material, including a maximum of three songs, preferably with a combo. On the webpage you must also post a short biography (no more than 500 words) and a motivation. Please provide us with the URL via Studielink.
Whether or not you will be invited for an audition, depends on the quality of the material on your webpage. The actual auditions are set up in accordance with the demands of our Jazz programme and the work field. Your performance at the audition will be judged by a commission that consists of teachers of our Jazz department.
If you want to sign up for an instrument other than listed below you can send a email to We will inform you if we can offer you a study program.

Please note:

  • The Jazz department does not accept CDs, DVDs and MP3s via e-mail.
  • We will not be able to view your webpage if you have protected your profile.