Rotterdam is becoming more popular. Therefore it's important to search for a room as soon as possible.

How do I find accommodation?
Rotterdam is becoming more and more popular. Therefore it is wise to find a place to live as soon as possible, we advise May/June. There’s hardly a campus system in the Netherlands and students are responsible for their own housing. The possibilities for Codarts to arrange housing for students either directly or indirectly are very limited.

Being able to find a room partly depends on having a local social network. This is of course hard to initiate and manage from abroad. The longer you stay in Rotterdam and the more people you will get to know, the easier it gets to find housing.

It’s good to know that in the Netherlands there is a short-supply of studios and small apartments. Most accommodation in Rotterdam is by means of a flat share, whereby all flat mates have their own bedroom but share the bathroom, toilet, kitchen and (when applicable) the living room. The Netherlands is a modern and liberal society so men and women do live together in such flat shares (if you prefer not to, make this known).

Recommended areas to find a room close to Codarts Rotterdam are : Blijdorp, Centrum, Kralingen, West, Noord, Delfshaven / Coolhaven.

Housing Anywhere
Finding accommodation in Rotterdam can be a challenge. For this reason, Codarts University of the Arts has partnered with HousingAnywhere.com to make sure you can book your room with priority and in complete safety. Only if you successfully find a room, a small booking fee will be charged. You can also use HousingAnywhere to offer your room to an incoming student during your time abroad. In this way, you avoid paying double rent and can move back into your place upon your return. Signing up with this link, you will receive priority access to all rooms available.
Keep in mind: The housing market in Rotterdam is very seasonal. So if you don’t find a room listed right away check back regularly.

Do you need more information or have a specific question? Send an email to vip@housinganywhere.com and be treated with priority!

Codarts houses
As stated, Codarts is very limited in arranging housing for students. However, we try to help our students wherever we can. We have found a reliable partner in RoomPlaza.com, who offer good and affordable flat share rooms near Codarts-locations.

Thanks to this cooperation we can offer 1st year and exchange students a small number of fully furnished rooms. Please note that this is only for the first year. After this we expect you to be able to find something else yourself, and make room for new incoming students. You can sign up for these rooms here.

Unfortunately, we are unable to offer rooms to all of our 1st year students. Students unable to make use of these offered rooms will have to find alternative housing themselves. We have listed valuable housing tips on this site to give you more information about other housing options in Rotterdam.

Rental agreements
There are many websites offering and promising you their best services. Please be aware of the fact that not all agents or landlords can be trusted. Scams and illegal housing are part of reality. If you have any doubts concerning your rental agreement or strange fees, please contact the Codarts student counselor. Please read the contract tips about what to look for in a contract before signing.

Housing is not cheap! The rents vary between € 350,- and € 750,- and additional costs are not always included! Read more about additional costs in the document additional costs.

Housing permit
To live in certain neighborhoods in Rotterdam you need a housing permit (HVV). This means that as a tenant you need permission to make use of a rental house.

It concerns the following neighborhoods: Carnisse, Hillesluis, Oud Charlois, Bloemhof, Tarwewijk and the following streets in Delfshaven: Grote Visserijstraat, Mathenesserdijk, Mathenesserweg, Schiedamseweg, Willem Buytewechstraat, Vierambachtstraat, ‘s-Gravendijkwal, 1e Middellandstraat, 2e Middellandstraat and Middellandplein. More information about this can be found on the website of the gemeente Rotterdam. Are you renting a house for which you will need a housing permit? Please make sure to contact the international office before the beginning of the school year. They can help you with this.