Hammond organ

The Hammond organ is an incredibly versatile instrument, which is now back (was it ever gone?) and has secured a permanent place in the contemporary music practice. Since the study year 2018-2019, Codarts has introduced the Hammond organ as a main subject in the Bachelor and Master study programmes Jazz and Pop. This main subject is unique in Europe and allows students to experience and explore the infinite possibilities of the instrument.

The study programme consists of regular subjects such as playing together (bands and ensembles), music theory, home recording, entrepreneurship, research, and so on. In addition, it includes specific Hammond organ aspects such as sound recording, dynamics, coordination skills and bass skills for hands and feet, the Hammond organ songbook repertoire, and music production. A lot of attention also goes to developing new repertoire and techniques and gaining studio experience. This main subject is combined with the main subject Keyboards (Pop) or Piano (Jazz), depending on your choice of study. This means that in addition to the Hammond organ, piano, keyboards and synthesisers are also essential elements in your study.

Besides taking classes and doing projects, be inspired by masterclasses. Over the past few years many Hammond organ players have visited Codarts: Dr. Lonnie Smith, Cory Henry, Rhoda Scott, Arno Krijger, OrgelVreten (Thijs Schrijnemakers and Robin Piso), Sven Hammond Soul and Bruut (Folkert Oosterbeek).

Main subject teacher: Carlo de Wijs