Codarts Rotterdam

Talent Break 1: Bloch and Berlioz

De Doelen, Rotterdam
Classical Music

Talent Break 1: Bloch and Berlioz

Conducted by maestro Jamie Phillips, the Codarts Symphony Orchestra is set to grace the Main Hall of de Doelen with a captivating concert featuring two extraordinary masterpieces: Schelomo by Ernest Bloch and Symphonie Fantastique by Hector Berlioz.


Schelomo (Ernest Bloch)

Ernest Bloch, a Swiss-born American composer, born in Geneva in 1880, spent his life traversing the globe yet never found a true sense of belonging. Despite this, he dedicated himself to articulating the richness of Jewish musical culture, earning him the title of the founder of neo-Hebrew music. In his compositions, Bloch skillfully incorporated stylistic elements from Jewish music. Notably, the emotionally charged Schelomo Rhapsodie, completed in 1916, showcases the cello as the voice of King Solomon set against a symbolic orchestral backdrop.

Symphonie Fantastique (Hector Berlioz)

Hector Berlioz's Symphonie Fantastique, Opus 14 (1830), stands as a historically acclaimed orchestral masterpiece, embodying the essence of early Romanticism with its programmatic nature. The composition narrates the tale of a talented artist who, consumed by despair from unrequited love, descends into a state of intoxication and hallucination. Berlioz provided a personal preface and detailed program notes for each movement, adding a distinctive touch to this symphony that remains a hallmark of the Romantic era.

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