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Group production Circus Arts C3: Nomad

Dolf Henkesplein 15 Rotterdam
Circus Arts

Group production Circus Arts C3: Nomad

We would like to announce the group production of the third year students of the bachelor Circus Arts, performing at Circusstad Festival Rotterdam on 3 May 2024 at 17.30 & 4 May 2024 at 17.30.


Everywhere we go we leave behind some pieces of ourselves. Monuments of our thoughts and dreams. Stories of our movements. Trails of paths worn down by use, like the rivers from the spring to the ocean. And sometimes we even leave one of us behind.
In NOMAD a young community of people discover that what they do might not be as normal as they think. Traveling the world to build their dreams, they leave in their wake big structures of art. Like footprints on wet sand.This time however they are confronted with something new; watching eyes. 
NOMAD is a physically and visually virtuous spectacle that talks about self-knowledge, trust and communication. A discovery of theatricality on the border of acrobatics and visual arts.
7 young acrobats set out on this journey together and discover that they are more than builders of lives; they might be creators of fantasies.
Directed by Camiel Corneille
We hope to welcome you!

Third year students 23/24
Cléa Anderfuhren, Sam Balthasar, Shea Finkelstein, Charlotte Hofer,
Tom Laurent, Lily Nolan, Tatjana Sommer
Director: Camiel Corneille
Dramaturg: Luc de Groen-Schram
Musical composer: Donatas Bielunskis
Light engineering: Edwin van Steenbergen
Sound engineering: William Bakker
Rigging: Nikolay Pyasta, Roshan Bhalotra
Production: Vivian Hendriks
Costume design: Loek van Cruchten
Campaign picture: Charlotte Hofer

Fenix I
Dolf Henkesplein 15
3072 LN Rotterdam