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Circus Arts exam group production: Crown Royale Extra Cheese

Theater Zuidplein
Circus Arts

Circus Arts exam group production: Crown Royale Extra Cheese

We would like to announce the group production of the fourth year students of the bachelor Circus Arts on 1 & 2 March 2024, performing at Theater Zuidplein.


Crown Royale Extra Cheese
'Better on your arse than on your feet, 
Flat on your back than either, 
dead than the lot' - Samuel Beckett

Directed by Aedín Walsh, assisted by Mira Leonard and with a musical composition of Vahakn Matossian.
Fourth year students 23/24
José Álvarez Serqueira
Karin Brodén
Hedvig Brodén
Oscar Cartwright
Inés Fraile Bernabeu
Alejandro García Bustos
Susana González Blanco
Aisha Hetzel
Lola Husson
Lena Kautz
Clara Köpf
Johanna Küster
Dimitri Landoz
Lotte Sterringa

Director: Aedín Walsh
Musical composer: Vahakn Matossian
Assistant director: Mira Leonard
Light engineering: Edwin van Steenbergen
Sound engineering: William Bakker
Rigging: Nikolay Pyasta, Roshan Bhalotra, Jakob Jacobsson
Production: Vivian Hendriks
Costume design : Loek van Cruchten
Photography: Tessa Veldhorst ©DeSchaapjesfabriek
Registration: Saskia Habermann, Sergio Gridelli

With special thanks to Theater op de Markt.

Theater Zuidplein
Gooilandsingel 95
3083 DP Rotterdam


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