Admission requirements Latin/Brazilian Voice

General requirements


  • Rhythmic, melodie and harmonie affinity with Brazilian music and Latin (such as Afro-Cuban genres, Caribbean genres in general and/or South American music)
  • Musical intuition, a developed musical ear and melodical insight

Technical requirements

  • Vocal disposition (posture, breathing and diction)
  • Good quality of the voice, vocal technique and intonation
  • Good sense of timing and tempo in general



  • lmprovise over a given chord scheme played to you
  • Perform pregónes on a basic level (or more) as part of the band performance or singing with a play along. This applies to salsa repertoire.

Band performance
lf possible, you will perform with your own band or use a backing track. The repertoire has to consist of Latin/Brazilian music or/and Latin jazz. lt must include Portuguese and Spanish. You will have to prepare three pieces ofwhich two will be chosen by the committee.

We might provide you with backing tracks such as:
Male candidates

  • Quiero Salsa (as performed by J. Alberto 'El Canario') Preciso me Encontrar (Cartola)
  • Corcovado (J. Gilberto)


Female candidates

  • Cucala (as performed by Celia Cruz) Dança da solidäo (Marisa Monte)
  • Chega de Saudade (V. de Moraes, T. Jobim)