Admission requirements Latin Percussion



  • Coordination exercises which include the basic sounds, for example Changuito's exercises
  • Son montuno, songo, mozambique, 12/8 guaguancó and guaracha with variations on one, two or three drums
  • lmprovisation in a medium tempo over a montuno with basic, authentic musical language


  • Martillo and variations, basic cowbell ride


  • Coordination exercises which include cáscara and clave
  • Son montuno, danzón, songo, mozambique, 12/8
  • Cáscara and fundamental bell rides with basic left-hand patterns


For all instruments
You have to show solid timing, groove and the ability to play 'in clave'.


Coordination exercises which include all basic sounds, samba and baião

Telecoteco with wooden stick, samba


Partido alto, samba


Samba and samba related rhythms


Caxixis and/or Ganzá
Coordination exercises, various rhythms


Play a solo and playvariations, change between different rhythms in samba and related rhythms.

For all instruments
You have to show solid timing and groove. Clearly identify the rhythm and the direction of the groove.

Playing together
lf possible, play with a backing track. Some of the genres/rhythms mentioned above have to be presented. You will have to prepare three ensemble pieces of which two will be chosen by the committee.

Latin Music Theory
Part of your audition also consists of Latin Music Theory