Admission requirements Latin flute & woodwinds

Technical requirements


  • Good command of the instrument, level comparable to Frans Vester- Etude book 2, Theobald Boehm - 24 melodische etuden, Omnibook Charlie Parker, Altamiro Carrilho - Chorinhos Didáticos para Flauta.
  • Good music reading skills
  • Knowledge of and ability to play scales and their diatonic chords in eighth notes/up-tempo


Focus points

  • Rhythmic, melodie and harmonie affinity with Latin music
  • lmprovisation


During the entrance exam

  • You play with a band
  • You will play by ear (reproduce) a fragment played to you
  • You will play a piece prima vista in the Latin/Brazilian or Latin jazz idiom
  • You will improvise by ear on the basis of chords played to you

In general
No need to present complex arrangements - it's more about your playing. Pay attention to contrasting music styles and rhythms and the abovementioned focus points.

Playing together
lf possible, you will play with your own band or use a backing track. Some of the genres/rhythms mentioned above have to be presented. You will have to prepare three ensemble pieces of which two will be chosen by the committee.