Admission requirements Latin drums

Technical requirements

  • Coordination exercises, sight-reading exercises and a short snaredrum piece of your choice


  • Son montuno, danzón, cha cha, songo, mozambique, 12/8
  • Cáscara and fundamental bell rides combined with the drum kit
  • Samba, partido alto, bossa nova, baião


  • Change smoothly between some of the rhythms mentioned above
  • lmprovisation in a medium tempo over a Piano Montuno
  • lmprovisation, variations while playing samba

In general
You have to show solid timing, groove and the ability to play 'in clave'. ldentify and feel the direction of the groove.

Playing together
lf possible, play with a backing track. Some of the genres/rhythms mentioned above have to be presented. You will have to prepare three ensemble pieces of which two will be chosen by the committee.

Latin Music Theory
Part of your audition also consists of Latin Music Theory