Admission requirements Latin bass

General requirements


  • Rhythmic, melodic and harmonic affinity with Latin music
  • Being able to play characteristic bass patterns within Cuban genres such as Son Montuno, Guaracha and Rumba (e.g. from 'The True Cuban bass', Sher Music, C. del Puerto) and Brazilian genres such as Partido Alto, Samba, Baiäo
  • Apply genre specific bass patterns on simple chord changes

Technical requirements

  • Read bath notes and chord symbols
  • Play triads, 7th-chords over 2 octaves
  • Standard scale patterns



  • Repeat a melody (on your instrument) which is played to you
  • lmprovise over a simple chord scheme
  • Name intervals, triads and 7th-chords

Playing together
lf possible, you will play with your own band or use a backing track. Some of the genres/rhythms mentioned above have to be presented. You will have to prepare three ensemble pieces of which two will be chosen by the committee.