Audition procedure Dance

Codarts auditions take place in Rotterdam and through-out mainland Europe. Please note that the auditions in Croatia, Spain, France, Portugal, Italy and Poland have a different structure than the auditions in Rotterdam.
For those auditioning in Croatia, Spain, Portugal, Italy and Poland there is the possibility to do workshops before the auditions with staff and guest teachers from Codarts. These workshops do not determine the outcome of the audition, but are a good introduction to Codarts.


The audition takes place in two rounds:

Pre selection
The pre selection consists of a short ballet class and a short modern dance class, including improvisation. After the pre selection round, the audition committee will evaluate and invite selected candidates to join the final selection.

Final selection
The final selection consists of a ballet class, a modern dance class (including improvisation) and a presentation of your solo (max. two minutes). There will also be a physical test to judge the physical possibilities. After the final selection round, the audition committee will evaluate and all candidates will be informed about the result of judgement as quickly as possible.

Each audition location has a programme of its own:

  • Rotterdam, the Netherlands 23-26 March 2020
  • Lisbon, Portugal 7-8 March 2020
  • Zagreb, Croatia 14-15 March 2020
  • Barcelona, Spain 14-15 March 2020
  • Bordeaux, France 4 April 2020
  • Livorno, Italy 11-14 April 2020

Additional information

Codarts only admits a limited number of students. Students that have passed the final selection are admissible. If after the selection process there are more suitable candidates than available places, the audition committee has to make a new definitive selection. Candidates who make it through this last selection can be placed and will receive an enrolment package. Other suitable candidates who cannot be (directly) admitted will be put on a waiting list. If candidates do not respond in time, Codarts reserves the right to offer the place to a student on the waiting list.

Health examination during the first training week of the school year 2020-2021

Candidates who are definitely placed in the program and received their enrolment package have to take part in the medical examination during the first training week of the school year 2020-2021. This consists of a general medical examination. The costs of medical examination are around € 185. The medical examinations will not influence the outcome of the candidates placement in the programme.


The audition committee, a panel of teachers and professionals from the field of dance, under the chairmanship of the head of the programme, judge the suitability of the candidates by the following criteria:

  • Physical suitability
  • Potential for development
  • Exhibits feeling for coordination, musicality and the use of space
  • Technical dance skills
  • Exhibits intrinsic feeling for movement and expression in dance
  • Creative originality and artistry
  • Application of corrections

Admission is officially not related to age. Given the intensive physical training during the four-year programme we do advise the following:

  • Boys – Age will be regarded in relation to their previous training, but 25 years old at the most.
  • Girls – On September 1, 2020 girls are not older than: 20 years if you audition for the 1st year, 22 years if you audition for the 2nd and 3rd year.

Clothing advice:

  • Tight-fitting clothing, in which the physical possibilities are well visible
  • Warming up clothing
  • Ballet shoes obliged for ballet class


  • A diploma from your secondary (high) school (vwo, havo, mbo level 4) or a foreign diploma of equivalent level, regardless of subject range or profile, or of a higher level**;
  • Admissibility judgement;
  • Payment of the schools tuition fee for that year
  • A valid residential address in the Netherlands before 1st October 2020 (registration with local municipality)
  • Non European candidates must apply for a residence permit
  • The required level of the English language for the bachelor’s programme is a minimum score of IELTS 5,5 or an equivalent TOEFL score

*    Subject to changes in the law.
**  Students without an upper Secondary Education diploma can only be admitted to Codarts after passing a general education test (AOB).