Admission to the Bachelor of Dance in Education study programme consists of two parts: a written assignment and an audition.

Written assignment

Write a self-reflection about your skills/experiences within the five pillars of the Dance in Education study programme (in Dutch). You will find the pillars below. In addition, write down: what you want to learn during the study programme and previously followed study programmes and whether you obtained or will still obtain a diploma. The written assignment may contain a maximum of 1000 words.

NOTE: Preferably send the writing assignment to not later than 1 week before the start of the audition, including a recent passport photo yourself.

In the audition a panel of teachers and specialists from the field of dance will judge the suitability of the candidates for the educational programme by the following criteria:

  • communicative skills, both physical and verbal;
  • physical ability and possibilities;
  • artistic talent and originality in creating movement material;
  • independent working attitude and openness;
  • affinity with communicating dance;
  • natural movement coordination and musicality;
  • technical dance skills;
  • expressiveness as a dancer.