Audition Procedure

Read the information about the audition procedure for our bachelor programme Dance Teacher.

The preselection consists of 4 groups, the final selection of 2 groups.


  • Monday 08 April 2019 – group 1, 2, 3
  • Tuesday 09 April 2019 – group 4

The preselection consists of a modern dance class and an urban dance class and a written assignment (see the requirements for more details). After the evaluation meeting of the audition committee the selected candidates are invited to the final selection.

Final selection

  • Tuesday  09 April 2018 – final selection group 1 & 2
  • Wednesday 10 April 2018 – final selection group 3 & 4

The final selection consists of a ballet class (45 min), a presentation solo of maximum 2 minutes in self-chosen dance style with good choice of music, rehearse (with teacher) and present a dance composition, individual interview on the written assignment and a physical test.


Music for solo

In addition to your written assignment and passport photo, we would also like to receive the music that you will use during your solo before April 2nd . (If you do not use music, please let us know in advance). To be able to make a playlist in advance of all solos, we would like to receive your music by e-mail in MP3 or by means of Wetransfer. Please send your music to stating your name.

Practical Information

  • Age: admission criteria are not related to age, but given the four-year programme and the intensive physical training, we advise that candidates who audition should be under 25 years old.
  • Clothing advice: tight-fitting clothing in which the physical possibilities are well visible and warming up clothes. Shoes: sneakers (urban), ballet shoes.
  • Accommodation during the auditions
    Students searching for accommodation during the audition period, can look at,, of

Additional information
Codarts Rotterdam only admits a limited number of students. Students who have passed the final selection are admissible. If after the selection process there are more suitable candidates than places available, the head of the study programma has to make a new definitive selection. Candidates who make it through this last selection can be placed and will receive an enrolment package. Other suitable candidates who cannot be admitted will be placed on a waiting list. Candidates who are admitted are requested to let Codarts know within one month whether they will definitely take part in the programme. If a candidate fails to respond on time, Codarts can offer his/her place to a student who is on the waiting list.