Covid-19: FAQ for students

General rules

What measures has Codarts taken?

Only together can we create a healthy learning environment. If we all feel responsible for each other’s safety and health and respect one another, we can make it a success. Follow the 7 basic principles:

1.            Stay at home if you have cold-like symptoms and get a test.
2.            Keep a distance of 1.5 metres in the public spaces.
3.            Go into home quarantine for 10 days if you have visited an area with the colour code orange or red.
4.            Wash your hands often.
5.            Use paper tissues and throw them away after use.
6.            Cough and sneeze on the inside of your elbow.
7.            Wear a face mask in the Codarts buildings, public spaces and public transport.

When do you have to go into quarantine?

If you come from an area with colour code orange/red, you are urgently requested to go into home quarantine for 10 days upon arrival in the Netherlands. Even if you have no complaints or if a test shows that you do not have a corona. Contact your study programme for an online study programme.

Should my roommates also go into quarantine?

Only the person coming from an area with the colour code orange or red must go into quarantine for 10 days, even if a negative corona test has been carried out. The housemates (whether they are students or family members) do not need to go into quarantine.

Keep the 1.5m distance, ventilate well, apply hygiene measures and the self-health check.

If the person at develops symptoms such as fever, shortness of breath or shortness of breath, the housemates must also be quarantined. It goes without saying that the person in question with complaints must also be tested. If the housemates develop symptoms, they should have themselves tested.

Source: GGD Rotterdam-Rijnmond

What is a checkpoint desk?

The Codarts buildings are equipped with a checkpoint desk. We ask you to go through an online questionnaire daily (checkgesprek) and show the green screen to the checkpoint employee.

Where can I find information about Covid-19?

The most up-to-date website can be found on the RIVM website For questions you can also call the national information number: 0800 13 51.

How to get tested on Covid-19

If you have (mild) symptoms of COVID-19, make an appointment to get tested. Call the toll-free number 0800 1202 (or +31 850 659 063 if you’re calling from a foreign phone) or make an appointment online using your DigiD (choose ‘English’ at the bottom of the page). Be sure to have your citizen service number (BSN) at hand


Can I come to Codarts?

Yes, all Codarts buildings (Kruisplein, WMDC and Fenix I) are open. See the section ‘Buildings and facilities’ for the opening hours.

Where can I find the most up-to-date information about my timetable?

The schedule can be found in Asimut and will be communicated at the beginning of next week (Monday 31 August). Here you can see which lessons take place offline and which lessons take place online. We have worked very hard to create a new schedule, taking the corona measures into account.

Can I rehearse with my band or ensemble?

Yes, that is possible. Please bear in mind that the 1.5-metre rule applies in traffic areas. Do not hang around after the rehearsal. And make sure there is good ventilation in the rooms, leave the windows open.

What if I have a delay in my studies due to Covid-19?

Contact the student counsellor via

What if I cannot be physically present at a class?

Please contact the head of your department.

Can I get a BSA this academic year 2020-2021?

For the academic year 2020-2021 students can receive a bsa.
For the academic year 2019-2020, students who do not meet the binding study advice (bsa) of the programme because they have been delayed due to the coronavirus will be granted a postponement. They will have the opportunity to meet the bsa standard in the next academic year.

I am going to graduate this year. Do the corona measures effect my final exam?

It is not yet clear how the final exams for this academic year 2020-2021 will be organised. Your department will inform you in advance about the organisation/plan of your final exam.

What about re-examinations?

That differs per subject. Contact your study programme for more information.

Can I do an internship this year?

Yes, the traineeships will continue. You can contact the internship coordinator of your department.

Will the Minors continue this year? And will they take place on location?

Yes, the minors will continue. Most on location and some online. An overview can be requested via

Are there any projects taking place this year?

No major projects will take place until at least 1 January 2021.


I would like to go on exchange, is this possible?

There are opportunities for an exchange. Please contact the International Office in advance for personal advice. You can make an appointment with Asia Ross via

Can I travel for my studies?

According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (BuZa), travel to countries with a yellow/green colour code is allowed. Please note that colour codes can change suddenly due to the increase in the number of Covid-19 infections. We ask you to check the website of regularly and to contact the International Office via

Can I go on holiday abroad?

You can go on holiday abroad. Only travel to ‘yellow’ coded countries (holiday trips are possible, there are still risks). As a result of regional outbreaks, the travel advice for certain areas may be tightened again. It is then strongly advised to go into home quarantine for 10 days. In that case, contact your department.

Buildings and Facilities

How is the ventilation in the buildings arranged?

With regard to the ventilation, the Codarts buildings were checked in compliance with the RIVM guidelines. Measures were taken where necessary. We make sure that fresh air comes in from outside and that the ‘dirty’ air is extracted. In addition, windows and doors are open as much as possible for ventilation. Codarts is supported by a company that specializes in and advises on ventilation in times of corona.

Is it possible to study safely and healthily in our buildings?

Certainly, it is. To enable safe and healthy studying, Codarts follows the RIVM guidelines. Everyone has a responsibility to follow these rules: for themselves, but also for others. In addition, a number of measures are in force specifically for Codarts; they are included in our corona protocol.

Is there special signage in the buildings?

Yes, a new signage has been established in the buildings. Follow this at all times. Except in case of an emergency, then you use the standard emergency routes and emergency exits.

Is the Library open?

Yes, the Library is open Monday to Friday. You may stay at the Library for a maximum of one hour, and a maximum of 14 people may be in the Library at the same time. You may use the computers, printers and study areas. We ask you to clean the equipment and tables after use.

Can I use all instruments and AV materials?

Yes, that’s possible. With a view to the health of students and employees, a protocol has been drawn up regarding the borrowing of instruments and AV materials. This protocol regulates, among other things, that instruments and materials are cleaned after use. Instruments and AV materials must be requested at least 7 days in advance via an online application form.

How do I book a room?

You book a room via Asimut (the online software we use for scheduling, room booking and event management). See also the memo Room booking.

Why do I have to clean up a classroom?

You clean up a classroom after use to prevent users after you from potentially becoming infected. You clean the room (doorknob, table etc.) with the cleaning products present. Our facility service and cleaning company take care of the general cleaning.

Can I wear a mouth mask in the building?

We strongly advice students, staff and visitors to wear a face mask in our buildings.

What is the protocol if there is an emergency?

In case of an emergency, use the standard emergency routes and emergency exits. If the building is being evacuated, keep a distance of 1,5 metres whenever possible. In case of an acute emergency that requires urgent medical help, call the emergency number 112 and – while waiting for emergency services to arrive – consult the emergency centre about any procedures and protection that are necessary in this particular situation.

 What are the opening hours?

Below are the opening hours of the three Codarts buildings. If anything changes in that, we will make sure you find out asap.

Kruisplein: Mon-Fri 08:00-22:00, Sat 08:00-16:00, Sun 12:00-17:00

WMDC: Mon-Fri 08:30 -22:00, Sat 09:00-17:00, Sun closed

Fenix I: Mon-Fri 08:00-22:00, Sat 09:00-17:00, Sun closed

Can I use the canteens?

Yes, students (and teachers and staff) can use the canteens for a coffee/tea or lunch break. Follow the special route in the canteen, disinfect your hands when entering and leaving (disinfectant is available) and clean up your place after use.

Where can I smoke?

Smoking is banned from all our buildings and the areas around the buildings, including entrances and exits. The ban also applies to the use of e-cigarettes. So Codarts’ locations are completely smoke-free! Sure, smoking is an individual responsibility. However, as Codarts cares about the health of its students and employees, we like to offer them a good and healthy learning and working environment. We ask smokers to also take into account the smoking ban in the vicinity of our buildings and not to cause nuisance to local residents.


I have a question about an IT facility, where can I go?

You can contact the Student Teacher Information Point (STIP) via

Mental and physical health

How can I cope with the Covid-19 measures?

It is important to stick to the basic rules of our government. Besides, it is important to stay fit, physically and mentally. Our mental coaches of the Student Life department Hanneke van der Wal and Marieke Donders give some tips for a healthy mindset (click here).

I don’t have a GP.

A general practitioner (GP) is your first point of contact for healthcare in The Netherlands. Therefore, it is important to register with a GP practice, before you even need to see a doctor. For more information about the healthcare system in The Netherlands, click here.
For contact details of general practitioners, hospitals and physiotherapists (click here).

How can I make an appointment with one of the Student Life team members?

To make an appointment with a specialist of the Student Life team, please click here.

Which measures do I need to take into account when I want to/will visit the health team?

Take a look at the Covid-19 guidelines from our Performing Arts Health Centre (Click here).

I have a disability, who can I contact to answer my questions?

Our student counsellor Boukje Kruit – van Rijn can offer information, advice and guidance to assist you with your academic career or personal circumstances. You can schedule a meeting with her to ask questions related to any practical matters like studying with a disability or chronic illness. All meetings with student counsellors are always strictly confidential. Contact Boukje through: 


Do I have to pay tuition fees now that my education is online?

We are working hard to offer face-to-face and online education. Tuition fees will remain due – in line with national regulations and guidelines.

I am facing a study delay due to the coronavirus. Can I receive compensation?

The government has listed a number of possibilities for compensation. Check the DUO website to see if you are eligible (click here).

The coronary measures put me in financial difficulties. What can I do?

Contact the dean at